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Four Ways to Train Your Dog Right Now

When it comes to keeping your dog’s brain sharp, nothing works as well as teaching him new tricks. Obedience training can not only strengthen the bond you share with your pet, but also help to solve behavioral problems now and in the future. Here are some tips to teach your pet:

Sitting: Sitting is an easy command, it is a great way to train your pet and build confidence. First of all, keep a treat close to your dog’s nose — but not close enough for him to take it out of his hand. Slowly move your hand up, which tilts your dog’s head up to follow the treat and his back falls to the floor. If you have any problems, try to gently push his chest back, which should encourage your dog to sit down. Once Fido is in a sitting position, reward him with the treat. Repeat this sequence before meals, walks and other activities until he masters the command that can be used to keep him calm and collected in a variety of situations.

Come on: The “come on” command can save your dog from trouble by bringing it back to you when it comes loose. To teach your dog this command, put on his leash and collar. Walk to the end of the leash and lean at the level of your dog, saying “Come” while gently pulling. When your dog arrives, reward him with a treat. Once he has mastered this command with a leash, remove it and practice only with the verbal hint.

Stay: Once Fido is an expert at “Sitting,” you can teach him how to stay. Let your dog sit down first, then open the palm of your hand in the “stop” Gesture in front of you. Take several steps back while repeating the command “stay”. If your dog stays, reward him with a treat and praise. Over time, you can increase the distance you move before rewarding your pet. Once he has mastered this trick, “stay” can help you avoid behavioral problems and save your dog from trouble.

Let him: Teaching your dog to “leave him” can be a literal lifesaver if a curious pet falls into something he shouldn’t eat. To teach Fido this command, first put a treat in both hands. Close your hands and show him a fist while you give the command “leave it”. Your pet will probably sniff at the treat, paws or barking, but it is important to ignore these behaviors. Once it has stopped, offer your dog the treat with the other hand. Repeat this process until your pet immediately moves away from the first fist when you said: “Let him.”Cement his training by offering the treat only when he moves from the first fist and looks towards you when you hear the command “Leave it”.

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