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Good Idea for You Truly Feed Your Cat

If you are a first-time cat owner or have recently brought a new pet home, one of the first questions you will ask yourself is: “How much should I feed my cat?”Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Just like humans, the nutritional needs of our pets change throughout their lives and depend on factors such […]

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Seven Cat Sounds Mean

From meowing and purring to hissing, grunting and moaning-cats emit a variety of sounds. Although they sometimes sound like gibberish to human ears, cat voices communicate the feelings and needs of our pets-when we can hear. Here are some of the sounds that cat among the most common: 1. Meow – Kittens meow to attract […]

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A Better Method for Feeding Your Cat

For humans, meals are all about food, but for our cats, food is also a chance to fulfill their hunting instinct. According to some researchers, eating out of a bowl may not be the best option for your pet. Enter the Puzzle loader. A Puzzle Feeder is an Alternative to Feeding your cat freely by […]

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Way to Communicate Your Cat

Cats are adapted to never listen, but this does not mean that your pet does not care what you have to say. Cats have their own nuanced communication pathways and by learning to use some of their social cues, they can strengthen the bond they share with their pet. Here are some tricks you should […]