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Prevent Your Dog from Hopping on People

When dogs meet, they greet each other of interest to view, but this can become a problem if your companion comprehends people in the same way. Although this of course comes from our households, jumping on people can leave them with scratching and bouncing backgrounds and is a serious browbeat to broken children and awakened […]

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Four Ways to Train Your Dog Right Now

When it comes to keeping your dog’s brain sharp, nothing works as well as teaching him new tricks. Obedience training can not only strengthen the bond you share with your pet, but also help to solve behavioral problems now and in the future. Here are some tips to teach your pet: Sitting: Sitting is an […]

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My Dog Always Barks

Dogs bark for all sorts of reasons — to let them know that they need to go outside to greet them in a playful way or to warn them when a stranger is at the door. In each of these matters, your pet is trying to tell you something, but what if Fido is barking […]

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Your Dog Food Hoarding

Most dogs first dive into dinner with their noses, but for some particular animals it becomes a habit to take their kibbles to another place. If your pet is part of this pack, there are several possible causes of his behavior: Pack mentality: before being domesticated, dogs ran in packs. For subordinate members, this meant […]