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A Better Method for Feeding Your Cat

For humans, meals are all about food, but for our cats, food is also a chance to fulfill their hunting instinct. According to some researchers, eating out of a bowl may not be the best option for your pet. Enter the Puzzle loader.

A Puzzle Feeder is an Alternative to Feeding your cat freely by presenting him with a feeding game. From simple designs to more complex challenges, Puzzle Feeder engage your cat’s brain while he eats, turning the meal into a challenge with a delicious reward at the end. Although cats certainly do not need a Puzzle feeder to take their meals, it has been shown that these devices can mentally stimulate your pet’s daily Routine and, in some matters, help with behavioral problems.

Your cat needs to learn the ropes for his new unique “dish”, so start with a simple Design. You may want to create a homemade Puzzle feeder to make sure this feeding style works for your pet before investing in a business model. To do this, take an empty bottle and cut out holes slightly larger than the size of your cat’s kibble. Make a lot of holes so that the game is easy at first, then put kibbles in the bottle, close the lid and put the bottle on the side down. If your pet seems to enjoy this game, you can create a more sophisticated Design with fewer holes or switch to other devices with materials ranging from toilet paper tubes to egg boxes. There are DYI designs online or you can use your imagination to design a Puzzle feeder, but remember that the game should be fun—not frustrating – for your pet.

Therefore, it is important to take into account the age, personality and health of your pet if you find the right fit. Before buying or designing a feeder, ask yourself if your cat is a curious and quick learner who would appreciate a challenge or if he would settle for a simpler model. Once your cat discovers the movement needed to get a treat, food becomes a game with a reward similar to hunting for his food. This not only encourages your pet to eat more slowly, but can also relieve boredom, redirect destructive behaviors and give exercise to your cat’s Routine. Solo play time can also help overweight pets weight loss and help in matters of cats prone to shred furniture, walls or carpets.

Using a Puzzle food is just one way to improve your cat’s daily routine. Be sure to give your pet a lot of playing time, both interactive and with toys that he can enjoy on his own to keep his body and mind in shape.


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