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My Dog Always Barks

Dogs bark for all sorts of reasons — to let them know that they need to go outside to greet them in a playful way or to warn them when a stranger is at the door. In each of these matters, your pet is trying to tell you something, but what if Fido is barking apparently for no reason? It turns out that your dog may notice something that you are not.

Canine behaviorists classify barking in several ways, including territorial barking, alarm barking, attention seeking, greeting, social barking, frustration-induced barking, separation anxiety barking, and to let others know they are sick or health issue. With so many different meanings behind your pet’s sounds, it can be difficult to determine what is causing his seemingly unnecessary barking. Dogs hear much better than ours, so our pets often perceive sounds that we miss. If your dog is barking for no reason, check to see if there is any noise outside — or even inside your house — that Fido may have considered an intruder. The same goes for what your dog sees. A squirrel, a Jogger or another passing dog may not be an event for you, but your pet may want to alert you to the change or protect its territory.

If you have been looking for answers and still can not find any reason to bark at your dog, it is possible that he has developed compulsive behavior. These are simply exaggerated forms of normal dog behavior and can result from conflict, Stress, or frustration. Compulsive behaviors often worsen over time to the point where dogs begin to perform them without a trigger, so it is important to seek professional help if you doubtful that your dog is barking compulsively. First of all, call your veterinarian, who can diagnose your pet. Look for cues such as repetitive movements that accompany barking to identify compulsive behavior.

If Fido’s barking is causing problems for you or your neighbors, you can take some steps to limit the volume and frequency of his voice. If your pet barks at passers-by or the neighbor’s dog, install a privacy barrier that will keep you out of sight. Dogs that bark when their owners leave the house feel safer when they can rest comfortably, for example, in a box with soft sheets and a blanket. You can also teach your dog the command “gently” or ask him to do a trick that prevents him from barking, such as giving him a toy and telling him to lie down. Make sure your pet gets enough exercise and don’t leave him alone for long periods of time, which can make barking worse due to accumulated energy or separation anxiety.

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