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The Success of Your Dog on Your Next Vacation

Whether for work, a wedding or a well-deserved vacation, every pet owner sometimes has to skip the city to travel. Leaving your dog behind can be difficult for you and your pet, but if you plan ahead, you can prepare your dog for a stress-free transition while you’re out of town.

Before you fly, it is important to decide where your pet will stay during your absence. You can take your dog on board in a kennel or a veterinary office, but many owners choose to hire a zookeeper. This not only minimizes stress by allowing your dog to stay in the comfort of your home, but also provides you with a babysitter to pick up mail, water plants, and do other daily activities while you’re away. Whichever option is chosen, be sure to provide the keeper with all the necessary health information, including the contact details of your veterinarian in matter of emergency.

Once you have set up a place for your dog, you can start preparing fido mentally for your trip. Invite your caretaker or take your dog to meet with the staff of the boarding facility so that he does not face strangers on the day of departure. If your pet is prone to separation anxiety, discuss this with his guardian and make sure that he is not left alone for a long time. Spend more time with your dog before you leave and make sure he has done a lot of exercise to help him relax during the transition. If you put him in the kennel or at the vet, you can send him familiar items, such as toys and bedding, which will bring him the smells and comfort of home. You can also send your dog his usual food and treats to minimize changes to his diet. Some pet owners find it helpful to leave time-consuming toys such as a Kong to their pets to distract them on the day of their departure. When it’s finally time to leave, make sure you stay calm and confident, as dogs can easily grasp the emotions of their owners.

You will miss your companion just like you miss him on a trip, but some preparations can help ease the transition. Forward planning will help you feel ready for your temporary separation, and if you feel confident on the day of departure, your dog will be too.

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